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os. Pod lipami 6/104, 61-634 Poznań
Wsparcie dla Twojej firmy w negocjacjach z ubezpieczycielem.
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08:00 – 17:00

Od poniedziałku do piątku


os. Pod lipami 6/104, 61-634 Poznań

Advantages of partnership

Working with Kancelaria Brokerska Aseko will bring you a lot of financial and essential advantages, such as:

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Comprehensive offer

Preparation of comprehensive offer, which will take into account the specifics of your industry and your sales practices.


Audit of your current insurance policy, highlighting of all unfavourable clauses of that policy. This would improve your security and show what obligations need to be fulfilled in order to get indemnity.


Time and money saving in regards to the insurer choice and no fees of organising a tender for insurence broker.


A comparison of few insurence companies showing costs of their insurance policies (insurance premium, debt collection costs, payments for credit limits), their terms and conditions and credit limits acceptance ratio etc.
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Help in creating an agreement, which will provide a proper level of insurance coverage and an adequate insurence sum.
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Current information

Access to current infromations about insurance market.
Financial business adviser or accountant checking tax report while comparing numeral data written on paper document and numbers calculated on adding machine with coffee and digital tablet on desk.


Showcasing pros and cons of all the received offers, their comparison and advise on picking the best available offer.
Lecture and  training  in business office for white collar colleagues


Help with using the insurance contract such as training, essential support while implementing the insurance policy in your company, lodgging claims to the insurer, securing the proper timing of termination of contract etc.